28 September 2012


It's been nearly 2 months since Life Instyle Melbourne but life has been pretty hectic so apologies for the tardiness. 

For 2 weeks in August I called my hotel room in Melbourne home. Life's not always glamorous in the event industry but the hard work is always worth it when it all comes together at the finish line. Life Instyle was no exception with long days/nights, the blistering cold Melbourne winter and extreme show foot, however the show looked amazing and as usual our exhibitors brought their A-game to display the best brands in the retail business. Not to mention our own little touches including our post-it-note wall (above), astro turf lounge, and chalk boards designs.

Of course there is no way I would have survived without the best team in the biz. Amelia, Tea, Brad, Mel, Mousa, Jac, Adam & Tim are the reason I didn't go completely crazy (well more crazy then I already am). They make getting out of bed each morning after only 4hrs sleep so much easier as well as being able to share those uncontrollable giggles when you're running on empty at the end of the day.

Here's a colourful snapshot of the show and some of the goodies you can expect on the shelves this season. And for more of the products on show check out my Neon's & Neutrals post over on the Life Instyle Blog.

24 September 2012


Ever had that moment when you tear your hair out trying to come up with a last minute perfect gift for that person where the 'usual' just won't do? Well never fear, Bindle is here!

Bindle is the brainchild of Catherine Blackford who has hand selected a collection of stylish Australian, sustainable, hand-made products for any gift occasion including engagements, house-warmings (shown above), new babies and even a get-well soon bindle.

Beautifully packaged, these are the perfect gift because Bindle does all the hard work and you get all the credit!

Blokes Bindle

Get Well Soon Bindle

Teeny Boys Bindle

Engagement Bindle

Mother & Baby Girl Bindle

A Bit on the Side Bindle

Cheese & Wine Bindle

Travellers Bindle
Make a Wish Bindle

21 September 2012


Considering how tickelish I am you'd think I would steer clear of everything feathers - but there is just something about them I'm drawn to. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am also a little scared of birds too (they swoop and poop), but I still admire their beauty and their representation of freedom.

They are also a prized symbol of prosperity and power in tribal communities across the globe and these amazing Bamilekke headdresses or JuJu Hats are traditionally worn by tribal leaders in Cameroon. Made from intensely coloured chicken feathers JuJu hats have now made their way to the top of the interior design (and my colleague Tea's) 'must have' list, adding an exotic burst of colour and texture to any space.

They aren't cheap but they are gorgeous. Check out Table Tonic to get a hold of one here in Australia.

20 September 2012


Seafolly are California bound with this bold campaign for summer 2012/13. Not only is the collection hot, hot, hot but so was the location - Desert Springs, California. I'm loving the art direction for the entire campaign, especially this window display in my local store - it's definitely got me counting down for summer holidays. Seems photographer David Gubert and flawless Namibian model Behati Prinsloo are a match made in swimwear heaven.

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