18 September 2012


Today's collection is inspired by this beautiful photo of Grace Kelly, the epitome of vintage style & glamour, on a Jamaican beach in 1955. You can see more pictures from the Life Magazine shoot by Howell Conant here.

1. Princess & the Pea Beach Umbrella by Basil Bangs | 2. Bush Retro Radio | 3. Escape to Paradise Framed Palm Fabric | 4. Wooden Coral by Kalalou | 5. Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper from Decorative Wall Coverings | 6. Coral Gotcha Chain Link Cushion by Festive Home Decor | 7. Bombay Sapphire Gin | 8. H&M for Water High Waisted Palm Tree Bikini | 9. Weathered Buoys from Sounds Like Home | 10. The Family Love Tree Peacock Chair | 11. Vintage Bahamas Map Cushion from My Bearded Pigeon | 12. Kalalou Weathered Shutter Lantern | 13. Aurelie Biderman Coral Necklace from Neiman Marcus | 14. Escape to Paradise White Polyresin Pineapple


  1. i feel better now :) in Poland it's not so warm now & we said goodbye to summer :(

    1. You can live vicariously through us LadyGryf. Summer has only just begun here in Australia!


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