30 April 2012

wet paint

Wow! What a watercolour wonderland photographer Alexandra Valenti has created for this portrait series of Leslie Crow.

I mean these images are beautiful in simple black and white but that splash of colour really is dreamy.

29 April 2012

my carribean crush

The Caribbean sea is hypnotising. You could spend all day trying to keep count of the shades of blue and turquoise that extend between the powder white sand to the horizon.

I'll admit I had some scepticism about Cancun before we arrived. I imagined it would be your typical tourist mecca and I wasn't half wrong. Yes it's full of mega resorts, shopping strips, souvenir stores, tour buses, tacky nightclubs and American spring breakers, but once you get past all that it truly is postcard perfect!

The mexican people really are a lucky bunch and it's no wonder they always had a smile on their face. I'm not ashamed to say...  I think i'm in love with Mexico.

28 April 2012

urban tribal

Image by the amazing Alexandra Valenti

Urban Tribal... is everywhere right now. The eclectic combination of Ikat, Aztec and Navajo is invading wardrobes and homes, capturing the spirit that was once reserved for the global traveller.

This exotic yet laid-back bohemian style is created with a concoction of amazing colour combinations, geometric patterns and mixed textiles. I'm definitely a fan of this style trend, especially because you really can mix and match without fear of getting it completely wrong.

I bought back a few great pieces from Mexico including an amazingly hand painted sugar skull, a leather drum and some beautiful patterned paper lanterns... add in my next purchase; that set of 9 Ikat cushions below from Etsy retailer Ikat and Batik and I think i'm on my way.

Framed antique Ikat via Elle Decor

Ikat fabrics by Madeline Weinrib | Ikat art print by Amy Sia on Society6

From LF Stores lookbook

Bohemian Aztec styling via Honestly WTF

Romantic living room tent via Design Sponge
Sequined Aztec Mini from AllSaints

Aztec inspired nail art from The Illustrated Nail

Super cute Sass & Bide shorts via Tuula

Bold Ikat wallpaper via Camille Styles

From LF Stores lookbook

Set of 9 Ikat Cushion Covers from Etsy

Ikat Quilt Cover from West Elm

Crisp and clean blue and white Ikat via Driftwood Interiors

25 April 2012

post holiday blues

Yes, I've totally been missing in action, but for good reason.... I've been on holidays!!!

I've been counting down this trip for over 6 months and now that it's all over and i'm back to face the reality that my brand new tan will soon fade away is slightly depressing. So in an effort to keep spirits high i'll be reliving (and sharing) my wanderlust over the next few days with some pics from the big trip and of course i'm back on board with my usual posts as well.

I hope you enjoy xoxo

where the desert meets the sea

First stop on my photo tour is Cabo San Lucas. Our first taste of Mexico proved itself worthy of reputation... luxury amidst the rugged mexican landscape where the desert meets the sea.

Within minutes of landing we had Margarita in hand while we awaited our transfer to the hotel, a trend which continued for most of our stay in the stylish resort town.

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