12 December 2012


Camilla Franks is Australia's 'kaftan queen'... and the queen of colour if her spring/summer 2012 collection has anything to do with it. In her true luxe-bohemian style, the 'Gypset' collection embraces the spirit of the psychedelic sixties, combining exotic prints with sensuous silks and brave beading.

I'm loving the over the top styling for the look book contrasted with the etherial effect of the white parachute backdrop. Pure bohemian perfection!!

Photos: Jason Ridler

11 December 2012


 I'm back, i'm back and deserve a good slap accross the wrist for being so slack on the blog front lately. Sometimes life gets just a little too crazy and something's gotta give - unfortunately this time for me it was Paper Social. But i'm back and with plenty of inspiration to share with you all.

To kick things off I recently stumbled accross what I thought was an amazing abstract painting but was shocked to discover that these dramatic pink hues were actually aerial shots by Australian artist Steve Back as part of his 'Terra Incognita' photographic collection. These stunning images were shot over 3 years above the salt flats and foreshores of Western Australia's Hutt Lagoon. The pink colouring is an organic pigment caused by the natural formation of algae in the water. Isn't mother nature just amazing sometimes?

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