28 February 2012

behind the scenes at life instyle

You might have noticed I have been MIA for the last week or so... you see I have this thing called a 'day job', which twice a year can become all consuming, swallowing me up into the world that is Life Instyle.

Now, those close to me probably hear me whinge and moan about the long hours, living out of a suitcase, suffering 'show foot' and having to wear the fetching high vis safety vest.... but the truth is I secretly love it!

So I thought what better way to show you what I do for a crust, than with some behind the scenes photos from last week's Sydney event, starting today with how it all comes together before the doors officially open...

14 February 2012

own your own colour

Did you know there are over 16.7 million colours displayable on your average computer? Well children's charity Unicef UK and Dulux have teamed up to take advantage of this figure in their awesome new 'Own A Colour' fundraising campaign.

For as little as 1 pound you can purchase and name your own colour. All money raised will go directly to help transform children's lives across the world and bring a little colour to their own lives. Even celebrities are getting in on the colour action. See Roger Moore's Swedish Blue below.
With 100,010 already sold at time of posting this there are still plenty left, however I seem to be spoilt for choice. Decisions, decisions.

8 February 2012

summer road trip

For the last week or so i've been listening to Coldplay's new album Mylo Xyloto on non-stop replay. The vibe is one that reminds me of a laid back summer road trip and has inspired this collection of images.

A number of the photos below (including the one above) are by photographer Chris Searl who seems to shoot a recurring road trip theme including his campaigns for Corona, MTV, Dunlop Volley's, Glue Store and Monster Children. Chris if you happen to read this, I call shotgun on your next road trip!!

If you've been living under a rock, check out the video for Coldplay's single Paradise at the bottom of the page. Then close your eyes and imagine the wind in your hair while riding shotgun along an ocean highway!

Image Sources | 1. Chris Searl | 2. Kustom | 3. BohoBedLove | 4. HabitualMindCondensation | 5. Blindsided | 6. Jump |  7. Espiritu Santo | 8. Miss Modish | 9&10. Chris Searl | 11. Flickr | 12. 365 Days |  13. Retro Roadside | 14. Falling Out of Trees | 15-20 Chris Searl

5 February 2012

boho bride

So... Is it possible to have a girl crush on someone I haven't even met?
When I stumbled across Kodi and Natalia's wedding shot by Ben Adams, I could just feel the love and happiness radiating through the screen. According to Ben he has no words to do this intimate wedding justice, so intimate in fact that apart from the bride and groom themselves, Ben and the celebrant were the only other people in attendance. But why would you need anybody else when you are as awesome as these two clearly are. See more of Ben's amazing photos here.

I seriously can't get over how stunning Natalia looked and have decided this will totes have to be my next hair colour!!!!

3 February 2012

papaya playa project

Pop-up stores and restaurant's have been coming and going for a while now but Design Hotels have stepped it up a notch with the first large scale 'pop-up hotel' concept.

The Papaya Playa Project is a camp of 99 rustic cabanas situated smack bang on the white sands of the Caribbean Sea in Tulum, Mexico. Originally abandoned as a luxury resort development during the global financial crisis, Design Hotels and a group of like minded players in food, hospitality and design have teamed up to convert it into a communal playground of simple eco-luxury. The project also includes a regular line-up of international music acts to keep the party going until doors close on May 5, 2012.

Better add this to the list for when I arrive in Mexico - 63 days and counting xx

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