8 February 2012

summer road trip

For the last week or so i've been listening to Coldplay's new album Mylo Xyloto on non-stop replay. The vibe is one that reminds me of a laid back summer road trip and has inspired this collection of images.

A number of the photos below (including the one above) are by photographer Chris Searl who seems to shoot a recurring road trip theme including his campaigns for Corona, MTV, Dunlop Volley's, Glue Store and Monster Children. Chris if you happen to read this, I call shotgun on your next road trip!!

If you've been living under a rock, check out the video for Coldplay's single Paradise at the bottom of the page. Then close your eyes and imagine the wind in your hair while riding shotgun along an ocean highway!

Image Sources | 1. Chris Searl | 2. Kustom | 3. BohoBedLove | 4. HabitualMindCondensation | 5. Blindsided | 6. Jump |  7. Espiritu Santo | 8. Miss Modish | 9&10. Chris Searl | 11. Flickr | 12. 365 Days |  13. Retro Roadside | 14. Falling Out of Trees | 15-20 Chris Searl

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