24 September 2012


Ever had that moment when you tear your hair out trying to come up with a last minute perfect gift for that person where the 'usual' just won't do? Well never fear, Bindle is here!

Bindle is the brainchild of Catherine Blackford who has hand selected a collection of stylish Australian, sustainable, hand-made products for any gift occasion including engagements, house-warmings (shown above), new babies and even a get-well soon bindle.

Beautifully packaged, these are the perfect gift because Bindle does all the hard work and you get all the credit!

Blokes Bindle

Get Well Soon Bindle

Teeny Boys Bindle

Engagement Bindle

Mother & Baby Girl Bindle

A Bit on the Side Bindle

Cheese & Wine Bindle

Travellers Bindle
Make a Wish Bindle

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