28 September 2012


It's been nearly 2 months since Life Instyle Melbourne but life has been pretty hectic so apologies for the tardiness. 

For 2 weeks in August I called my hotel room in Melbourne home. Life's not always glamorous in the event industry but the hard work is always worth it when it all comes together at the finish line. Life Instyle was no exception with long days/nights, the blistering cold Melbourne winter and extreme show foot, however the show looked amazing and as usual our exhibitors brought their A-game to display the best brands in the retail business. Not to mention our own little touches including our post-it-note wall (above), astro turf lounge, and chalk boards designs.

Of course there is no way I would have survived without the best team in the biz. Amelia, Tea, Brad, Mel, Mousa, Jac, Adam & Tim are the reason I didn't go completely crazy (well more crazy then I already am). They make getting out of bed each morning after only 4hrs sleep so much easier as well as being able to share those uncontrollable giggles when you're running on empty at the end of the day.

Here's a colourful snapshot of the show and some of the goodies you can expect on the shelves this season. And for more of the products on show check out my Neon's & Neutrals post over on the Life Instyle Blog.

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  1. These photos are great! Looks like an amazing event. Melbourne is such a cool city, looking forward to visit it again.


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