21 September 2012


Considering how tickelish I am you'd think I would steer clear of everything feathers - but there is just something about them I'm drawn to. I'm not ashamed to admit that I am also a little scared of birds too (they swoop and poop), but I still admire their beauty and their representation of freedom.

They are also a prized symbol of prosperity and power in tribal communities across the globe and these amazing Bamilekke headdresses or JuJu Hats are traditionally worn by tribal leaders in Cameroon. Made from intensely coloured chicken feathers JuJu hats have now made their way to the top of the interior design (and my colleague Tea's) 'must have' list, adding an exotic burst of colour and texture to any space.

They aren't cheap but they are gorgeous. Check out Table Tonic to get a hold of one here in Australia.

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