16 July 2012


This story is a little over a year old now but I couldn't get over it so I just had to share. Now, I don't know what your company/employer does for it's staff over the summer holidays but the hamper I get just does not compete with this.

Australian Richard Christiansen, who moved to the big apple to open his boutique Manhattan advertising agency Chandelier Creative, rented out a 1950's cedar bungalow in Montauk (surf suburb of the Hamptons) and completely switched out the entire contents of the home to style his own Chandelier Surf Shack for the use of the agencies staff and clients.

Every single possession of the owner's had to be photographed, bubble wrapped, labeled and placed in storage nearby to be replaced again at the end of the year. And with the help of brother Geoffrey and production designer Lena Kuffner the entire house has been resurrected in glorious 1970's endless summer surfer vibe including flea market furnishings, commissioned surfboards from Saturdays Surf NYC, back yard cinema, fire pit and teepee's.

Source: Honestly WTF, Trendland, New York Times

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