2 July 2012


Can you believe that in the last 6 weeks I've been to Ikea three times??? And although always a draw card, it wasn't the swedish meatballs that had me back again over the weekend. On Friday Ikea launched their new limited edition Simply Blue collection (or True Blue for the rest of the world) - an exclusive mix of Swedish design with Indian craft and colour.

Inspired by the very fabric of Indian culture the collection includes glassware, rugs, cushions and paper decorations. I easily could have loaded each and every piece into my trolley but I restrained myself to just the Bladspinnare and Barrspinarre cushions as well as the gold tasselled Broaryd pendant lamp shade. But there's always next weekend to go back for more...

Here's some of the range as well as some amazing inspirational images from the Ikea pinterest board.

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