9 May 2012

tricked out travellers

They may be kitsch and they may be cramped but god damn caravans are cool!
I imagine owning a caravan is very much like being a turtle, taking your time creeping along slowly and then stopping wherever and whenever you like to call it a day. Yep, pretty sweet if you ask me.

So when I came across interior designer Rachel Horn's tricked out 1969 Airstream (below) on Trendland this week I was super impressed with her chic and luxurious Moroccan themed re-furbishment. I mean this puts some 5-star hotel's to shame. Who new you could fit 2 beds, kitchen with cappucino machine, full sized bath and air-con in there?

So then I started searching for some other amazing caravan restorations and I couldn't go past these super cute retro trailer's from caterer Enjoy Cupcakes. Can you imagine Coral the vintage Shasta trailer pulling up at your wedding complete with festive canopy, twinkling fairy lights and full of cupcakes?

Pure genius - and added to my "businesses i'll open one day" list.  xx

Image Credits: Jose Villa

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