28 May 2012

being terry richardson

Terry Richardson really rocks my world.

The sometimes controversial and always provocative fashion/celebrity photographers edgy editorials are a regular on the pages Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, GQ and Rolling Stone but it's actually the simple stuff you find on his online diary that I love the most.

It just seems like one big party in his studio and even Barack Obama has gotten in on the action. While being photographed by 'Uncle Terry' is high on most celebs bucket lists, you know you've really made it big when he lets you get your mits on his iconic oversized specs.

The thick black aviator style frames are so iconic, Moscot were even inspired to collaborate with the man himself to release the limited edition TERRY's back in 2011.

Here's some of my favourite celebs "being Terry Richardson" as well as the man himself...

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