11 January 2014


Dulux released their 2014 colour forecast last year but it wasn't until I saw these amazing images styled by the likes of Wilhemina McCarroll and Heather Nette King that their Future Tribes vision really came to life. The Future Tribes concept consists of 4 communities brought together by similar interests in life philosophies, aesthetics and of course... colour.

Here are each of the 4 tribes below. My favourite has to be The Precious Elementals. Who can resist the combined power of copper and steely blue?

Deeply aware of the affect civilisation is having on the earth, The Precious Elementals instinctively respect and value our earth's natural resources, elements and geometric forms.
Styling: Wilhemina McCarroll

Colourful destinations such as India, Africa and Morocco inspire the image and imagination of The Digital Nomad. A global fusion of tribal reflection resulting from clashing cultures and resukting in contrast colours that form digital patterns and  eclectic interiors.
Styling: Heather Nette King and Bree Leech

Romanticising decorative periods of history The Romantic Spirits search for ways to incorporate nostalgia and past items into their technologically-dominated world.
Styling: Geoffrey Carran

Looking forward the future is bright. However, The Retro Visionaries know this world would not look the same without retrospective design. Influenced by the styles of the late 20th century, when digital culture was first emerging and still being shaped by icons of the 50's, The Retro Visionaries vision is quirky, colourful and energetic.
Styling: Rowena Martinich

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  1. I love all of these! I have to agree with you - the Precious Elements is also my favorite



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