10 November 2011

destination scroll

Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island | Photo Mike Gillam
When the whole destination/bus scroll fad rolled around a few years back I completely lusted over them but just couldn't afford the hefty price tag (not to mention the fact I didn't have a wall to put it on) so it ended up becoming one of those items on my "i could make that myself" list which I just never got around to.

But when it came time to think of an engagement present for my good friends Amelia & Scott, I knew that this would be the perfect personalised present and that they of course had the style to appreciate it.
Each of the locations are holiday destinations for the cute couple with the final one, Palm Beach, being the location for their upcoming 2012 nuptials (bridesmaids duty, yay!). 

I'm really happy with the results and I've since had commissions for more. Hopefully one day i'll finally  get around to designing one for myself!

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