1 March 2012

a snapshot of life instyle

So yesterday you got to see the build and set-up for the show, but today i'm showing you Life Instyle in all it's glorious goodness.

Here's a few snaps of just a handful of my favourite stands and products (there are so many), giving you a sneak peek as to what you'll see in-stores shortly. I think the hardest part of my job is resisting going out and buying everything we see at the show. For more from the show check-out the Life Instyle facebook page and blog.

No rest for the wicked though, the best exhibition team in the business (thats us at the bottom) are back in the office already and planning our 2012 Melbourne event. Hurrah!


1. Blacklist Studio Prints | 2. A Little Gypsy in my Soul | 3. Bonnie and Neil | 4. Frida Plumm | 5. Beneath the Sun | 6. me and amber | 7. Megan Park | 8. Ourlieu | 9. Pony Rider | 10. Seletti | 11. Flamingos Forever | 12. TMOD | 13. Soludos | 14. Telegram Paper Goods | 15. Blacklist Studio Prints

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