12 March 2012

chalking it up

Those of you who get shivers at the sight or sound of fingernails on a chalkboard might want to skip this post.... but skip at the risk of missing some of the most amazing hand drawn typography to ever grace a chalkboard.

While at a friends house warming party, Dana Tanamachi, a New York based graphic designer and custom chalk letterer, accidentally stumbled into her new career after sketching the word 'Brooklyn' on the freshly painted chalkboard walls of the new apartment. The drawing was a hit amongst the party goers and word spread amongst friends which eventually led to commissioned works for Google's NYC office, Ralph Lauren, West Elm, The Ace Hotel and now the cover of O magazine.

Dana's secret... apparently the cheaper the chalk the better. "it's more hollow, so it goes on smooth. the more expensive stuff is denser, and that's what makes those bad noises".

To find out more about Dana and her process check out The Wall Street Journal's article Evoking the Past with Dusty Letter's

A custom wedding design and The Ace Hotel, NY

The Ace Hotel

Kings County Jerky Co

Google's NYC Office

Rugby Ralph Lauren Window Display

The February 2012 cover of O magazine

O Magazine spread

West Elm 2011 Holiday Catalogue

Nagging Doubt Wine Label

Custom Wedding Design for fellow ADC Young Gun Andrio Abero

The queen of the chalk herself, Dana Tanamachi

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