7 January 2012

2012 baby!

Happy New Year!!! I know, I know i'm a little late being that we are already one week into 2012 but i've just been too busy chilling out and having fun. I hope you all rang in the new year in your own style. My friends and I found the perfect little spot on the beach to relax, spread out and watch the fireworks over the marina at Nelson Bay (photos to come soon).

I don't normally bother with resolutions for the new year but this year I am going to choose three, yes three!! You guys are my witness and hopefully you can all help me along.

1. To focus on my health - the gym will be my new best friend in 2012
2. To be brave - i'm stepping out of my comfort zone and aiming higher
3. To be a better friend - for all my current ones and hopefully some new ones too

Oh and one last one - to make sure I use some of these great decorating ideas from the girls at Hey Look for NYE 2013.

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